Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tasty Tuesday with Kate Davies

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday. Author Kate Davies is back with us again, this time to share an excerpt from her latest release, Most Likely to Succeed, and to give us a very sexy, tasty recipe. Take it away Kate!

Blow jobs, we know men love them and many of us women love giving them. Make them even tastier with the following recipe.

Blow Job

One part Bailey's
One part Kahlua
One part Peppermint Schnapps
Top with whipped cream

Serve in a shot glass. Drink without using your hands.

Available at Carina Press

Book one in The Girls Most Likely to…

Ten years after being voted Most Likely to Succeed, Kelsey Moore is still living in her hometown, still working in her family's flower shop, and too embarrassed to attend her high school reunion. Only the chance to reconnect with her study buddy—and secret crush—Nathan Barrow tempts her to go.

Nathan isn't sure why he came back for the reunion after spending the past decade working abroad. But when he runs into his former lab partner, Kelsey, he's sure glad he did. The chemistry between them is as potent as ever, and when she offers him a weekend of wild, no-strings-attached sex, Nathan knows he'd be a fool to say no.

Nathan can't be tied to one place for long. But the more time they spend together—in and out of bed—the more Kelsey wonders if their reunion could become something more permanent. That is, if Nathan is still interested when he finds out she's been less than honest with him about her life since graduation…


Oh my God. Kelsey resisted the urge to slide under the table. Could Tess have been any more obvious? She might as well have handed them some condoms and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.
Not that she couldn’t come up with some ways to put them to good use. But still.
She glanced around the bar. Amazingly, the crowd had gotten even bigger over the past couple of hours, squeezing into the tiny space like clowns in a circus car.
Somehow, she’d missed that over the course of their conversation. It was like they’d been in their own little world, a bubble that shut out everything around them. But now the spell was broken, and the noise and heat and sardinelike atmosphere had come rushing in.
“I don’t even know who seventy-five percent of these people are,” Nathan was saying.
“It’s crazy, isn’t it? I can barely hear myself think,” she shouted back.
“So why don’t we go back to my hotel room?”
That got her attention. Her head snapped toward him so fast she wondered if she was going to give herself whiplash. “Your hotel room?”
He leaned down close to her ear so he could be heard over the noise of the bar. “See, I’m a firm believer in turnabout being fair play. And since you’ve already seen me naked, it’s only fair that you return the favor. Don’t you think?”
“Excuse me?” God, even to her own ears she sounded prim and proper and repressed. Clearing her throat, she tried again. “Did you just say what I think you said?”
He tucked an errant strand of her hair behind her ear. “Just checking to see if you were paying attention.” A wicked smile curved the corners of his mouth.
When had Nathan Barrow turned into such a tease? Back in high school she’d been attracted to his drive and determination and fierce intelligence and, yeah, his teenage good looks. But toss in a dose of sexual innuendo, along with a smoking-hot, grown-up body, and she was a goner.
He was what she wanted. This was what she wanted. Leaning closer, she murmured just loud enough for him to hear, “I always pay off my debts.”

Want to know more about Kate and her novels? Visit her at the following sites:

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