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Tasty Tuesday with Jenika Snow

Welcome to another Tasty Tuesday. Today's guest is author, Jenika Snow. She has a tasty treat for you with her latest release, Adrian's Wrath, book 2 of The Underground series. Adrian's Wrath was released yesterday at Siren-BookStrand and is currently being offered at a 10% discount until April 17th.


Available at Siren-BookStrand

Brea Collins's past keeps resurfacing no matter how hard she tries to outrun it. When she finally settles in a small town, working at a club to save enough for her final escape, she never expects to meet Adrian Holden, a man that makes her feel something other than fear.
Adrian's life hasn't been a fairy tale. He fights in the Underground, an illegal cage fighting organization. His anger and grief are his fuel. When he sees Brea, a damaged woman that calls out to every protective instinct in him, Adrian knows that she might very well be his salvation from his bleak past.
Their happiness can only last so long. With two traumatic pasts and an uncertain future, there is bound to be something that drives them apart, but Adrian is determined to have Brea at all costs, and he will do everything in his power to ensure that.


Turning in her seat, she pushed away all of her worries and beamed up at him. “You took me to the beach.” It wasn’t a question. His smile was lopsided and he reached a hand out and caressed her cheek. Brea couldn’t help but lean into his embrace.
“Come here, Brea.” His words were low and slightly husky and she could see the desire growing on Adrian’s expression. Instantly she became aroused. Nipples tightening to the point of pain, she squirmed in her seat as her panties started to become soaked.
Thankfully his truck allowed for her to scoot over easily. She did, however, have to lift her leg over the gearshift. She was wearing a dress today and her movements caused the material to shift up her thighs. When she lifted her gaze to his she noticed he was staring at the patch of skin that was exposed. He swallowed audibly and then snapped his eyes to hers. His grin was almost sheepish and she couldn’t help but lean into his chest to hide her own smile.
“Brea.” He whispered her name and used his finger to lift her chin. His face was close to hers, so close that if she just craned her neck a little more their mouths would brush together.
“Yes?” God she wanted him to kiss her, desperately. She had never been the one to initiate their physical contact, but maybe that should change? Lifting her hand and cupping his cheek, a heady feeling washed through her when she saw him close his eyes and sigh. She didn’t waste any more time or deny herself any longer. She pressed her lips to his, loving the small growl that he made from the contact. The kiss started off slow and easy, but soon he was taking control. Tongues moving together, the act mimicked the sex she wanted to have with him. As the kiss intensified, she knew she wanted more. Her body positively ached for him, but before it got any more heated, Adrian slowed the kiss and then pulled away. He rested his forehead against hers, breathing heavily with his eyes closed. When he pulled away it was too soon. Brea wanted more.
“I’m sorry.” He ran his hand over his jaw and stared out the windshield. She couldn’t take her eyes off him as the setting sun washed his face in hues of pink and yellow. “I’m trying to go slow but it’s so damn hard.” He cut a glance at her. “I want you too much.”
Her heart stopped. As she licked her lips, Adrian tracked the movement and another groan left him. Adrenaline rushed through her body at the way he was watching her. Hearing him confess how much he wanted her had her arousal accelerating. She knew she wanted more, but when she actually went for it would she freeze and blow everything? She didn’t like keeping things from him, and she had a lot of shit from her past that would most likely have him running in the other direction. Could she be selfish and just let herself enjoy it? Even if it was just for a little while?
Her experience in seducing a man was zilch, but she pictured in her mind what she wanted to do and it seemed easy enough. Moving so close to him that there wasn’t an inch separating their bodies, Brea gathered all her strength and slid her hand on his thigh. The muscles under her palm tensed as she slowly started to move her hand up, closer to where she wanted to go.
“Brea? What are you doing?” He sounded almost pained and she stopped, fearing she wasn’t doing it right.
“I’m sorry. I don’t really know what I’m doing.” She went to move her hand away but he put his on top to stop her retreat. The look in his eyes made her feel a little embarrassed. “I’m not a virgin or anything, I just—” God, it sounded horrible hearing it come out of her mouth. “I’m just not that experienced. I’m sorry.” She felt her face heat, but he didn’t let her slide back to the passenger seat.
“What you’re doing feels so good, Brea. So. Fucking. Good. Come here.” The command was low, but held so much promise and desire that she couldn’t not obey it. When she was pressed against his side again she kept her head low. Heat and desire were still strong inside of her. “Look at me.” Voice pitched low, his breath blew wisps of hair around her cheek. A shiver raced up her spine from that small, almost innocent act.
Finding the courage to look at him after she just divulged that little tidbit and after hearing his desire for her was harder than she thought, but when she was finally able to lift her eyes to his she was shocked by the raw lust reflected in his face.
“You have nothing to be ashamed of.” He took her hand in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “You being honest about your experience just makes me want you more.” He leaned in and Brea had to force her eyes to stay open. Just having him be so close, being able to smell his intoxicating cologne had her on the verge of moaning. “There is nothing you can say or do that would make me want you any less.”


There she lay, completely naked, her legs slightly spread, and a powerful man’s hot and humid breath sliding over the most intimate part of her. Never had a man’s face been so close to that part of her body. Cameron had found oral sex disgusting—well, when he wasn’t the one receiving it. There she was again, letting that bastard ruin her life. Not now, Cameron. I will not let you take this from me.
Adrian’s eyes dipped down and took her in. If she had thought he looked aroused before, the lust was now pouring off him in waves. One thick finger slipped down her center and she arched her back, a small cry of pleasure escaping her. Could he see how wet she was? How swollen she felt?
“Oh, Brea,” he said on a moan right before he covered her pussy with his scorching mouth. Over and over he dragged his tongue along her slit, moving to her clit and circling the engorged bundle of nerves, before dragging it down to press against the opening of her body. It was an incredible feeling, and despite the slight embarrassment of having a man licking her between her legs, she couldn’t help but feel so very wanted.
“You taste incredible. So sweet, Brea.” She felt him flattening his tongue and running it up and down her cleft. Firm, full lips suctioned onto her clit and sucked, hard. A powerful orgasm was building inside of her, dragging the air from her body. Adrian brought her to the precipice and then slowed before it claimed her.
“Please, don’t stop.” The fact that she was practically begging him had her flushing with embarrassment, but if it got him to take her over the edge she didn’t care.
“Never. I’ll never stop, Brea.” When his mouth latched onto her clit again and he started that wicked rhythmic suctioning, he didn’t stop when her climax neared. Thrashing her head back and forth, she had never felt anything so good. It was when he teased her pussy hole, slowly slipping his thick, long finger into her, that she surrendered to the feeling that washed through her. Stars danced in front of her vision and she heard a long, whimpering noise leave her. Adrian was relentless as he dragged out her pleasure with his skillful mouth. When the sensations became too much, she tried to push him away. Before he pulled his mouth away, he kissed her so softly against her most intimate part before lifting up and staring at her with hungry eyes.
“I want you, Adrian.” In one fluid motion he stood and stepped out of his pants. His boxer briefs followed. It took her a moment to fully comprehend that she was about to let another man into her body. It had been so very long and her nerves were holding on tight.
His body was a masterpiece. The muscles under his tanned and tattooed skin were cut and defined like a marble statue. He was a big man all around, and quite intimidating. His shoulders were wide and moved down to bulging biceps that she knew held immense power. A rippling and cut chest tapered down to narrow hips and that incredible V of muscle that pointed straight to his straining erection.
“When you look at me like that all I can think about is burying my cock in your sweet little body.”
The air left her in a rush as she listened to his highly erotic words. He bent and retrieved a square foil packet from his pocket and slipped the condom on quickly, all the while keeping his gaze on hers. Crawling toward her, he looked like an animal stalking his prey. His tendons and muscles flexed and bunched as he moved with lethal precision. Hands splaying on her inner thighs, he opened her wider and stared down at what was revealed.
“God, Brea,” he said as his pupils dilated in lust. “You have no idea how much I want you.” His gaze cut to hers. “How much I’ve wanted you.” Taking hold of his thick and long penis, he brought it to the entrance of her body. The air sawed in and out of her as she watched the sight.
This was it. She was taking that step forward. Hopefully it wouldn’t fuck everything up.

Want to know more about Jenika and her Underground series? Visit her at http://www.jenikasnow.com/!

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