Sunday, March 3, 2013

Going Under gets 5 Stars!

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5 Stars: There is only one thing hotter than reading about some sweet MM lovin…reading about super sweet MMM lovin!  It is so erotic reading about strong, sexy and confident bad-asses who can’t keep their hands off of each other!  Going Under, the 9th book in the outstanding Heroes of Silver Springs series, is the culmination of tons of flirting and foreplay between Adrien, Thaddeus and Cameron that has been going on in previous installments.  I would definitely recommend reading a few books in this series before giving this one a go.  One of my favorite parts of the series is that Ms. Ramagos adds in depth secondary story lines featuring other characters, and this one stars the bold EMT Terri Vega and a man who just may be her perfect mate, Dr. Owen Banks.  Terri in particular is featured prominently in Going Under as Thaddeus’ best friend and confidant.  All of the characters are wonderfully written, and the sexual heat and chemistry between the men is simply off the charts!  Even their relationships with their professional colleagues are realistic and charismatic.  Ms. Ramagos is a talented author with her ability to combine combustible sex and intrigue into an excellent read that will please fans of any erotic romance genre. Reviewed by Sillia Beaumont - Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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