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Service Saturday with Michele Hart

Welcome to Service Saturday!

I'm turning over the blog today to author Michele Hart. Welcome Michele!

Hello, Romance lovers!
I’m Michele Hart, and it’s my day on Tonya’s blog to talk about sexy cops. That what I told her I wanted to talk about. I write gritty space adventures with badge-carrying demon slayers hunting down the creatures, spirits and mortals, who would enslave the worlds. The stakes don’t get much higher. The Bad Guys don’t get uglier than shape-shifting demons bent on spoiling the Mortal Realm.
Back to sexy cops. They disturb my breathing. What does a big, brave, heat-packin’ alpha male do for you? You can tell me about it. I won’t tell anyone.
For your entertainment, I’m bringing in Jack, my sexiest demon hunter. And I’m bringing in his first kiss for you. Don’t you love first kisses? Good ones start fires. Great kisses start wildfires that never die. No one knows how to spark an inferno like Jack. Just read the reviews to find out. Look for the comments on Jack’s proficiency with chocolate.

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Cop or convict?

How many faces can one man own?

            An assassin wearing a holographic mask and a prison tattoo boards Rachel’s freighter during a prison riot, intent on collecting gadgets capable of changing a man’s identity from the black-market gang who'd stolen them. Rachel’s never sure of Jack's identity nor his goal, but he claims to be an Alliance I-Marshal. Cop or convict? The clues never stop contradicting. She's horrified to find the bright holographic mask conceals the gruesome face of a monster. And the badge doesn’t slow him from murdering people right before her eyes.
            When Rachel learns Jack will trade innocent lives for the digital miracles, she determines to make the mercenary grow a heart. How could a stone-cold killer kiss her so hotly? How could she kiss such a dangerous deceiver?
            Jack has done years in prison to learn who’d stolen the remaining Gemini ticks, 3-D magic. Nothing will keep him from gaining extreme technology capable of unleashing galaxy-wide chaos. Forget feelings for Rachel. She can’t stop him from killing everyone involved.

Now for that excerpt…

Rachel's maiden voyage into smuggling is cut short by a prison riot, and an imposter boards her ship carrying a cop's badge and wearing a prison tattoo and a holographic face. A masculinely beautiful, digitally perfect disguise. But Jack is a stone-cold killer with few boundaries, and he’s about to take Rachel on an interstellar killing spree. Beware avenging angels.

This is a sweet and titillating excerpt from my new Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure, Luminous Nights. LN was a finalist in the 2011 Golden Quill Contest. Find out why.

[ This excerpt is rated PG-13 for a steamy kiss and sexual reference. The good stuff. ]

“I’m not authorized to hand itineraries to every slick, badge-waving power jerk who boards my ship.”
Jack’s fake sky-blue eyes sparkled from the insults. “So you think I’m slick?”
Rachel’s brow dived into her sight. She thought his bulletproof pursuit of her cute, but she couldn’t let him know that. It was a sure bet the number of his bedpost notches constituted a furniture mauling.
“Get over yourself, Marshal. If you’ll excuse me, some of us have to work for a living.”
Jack propped a combat boot against the galley entrance, preventing her exit.
“Don’t brush me off so quickly, Rachel. You don’t know what I’m willing to barter for that itinerary and the name of Xerxes’ contact on Desmonda Station.”
Looking into his handsome face she knew was projected by holographic technology, she became interested in hearing the imposter’s enticements for its entertainment value. “What do you have to barter that I’d be interested in?”
“How about that surrender you requested?”
“I thought you never surrender, Marshal.”
“I had less of a technical surrender in mind than a custodial transfer of my physical self into your private servitude, prepared to take on missions of erotic nature.”
She couldn’t stifle her smile. “Private servitude. I could have you wash my windows.”
“My better skills concentrate in the bedroom.”
“Oh, yes…missions of erotic nature.”
Not the slightest bit disarmed by her sardonic tone, Jack reached out and tugged the zipper of her techsuit down achingly slow past her cleavage to her bra. He gave her his weaponized eyes of blue laser, powerful enough to break any woman’s will. Then he bit his bottom lip as though relishing the temptation of climbing into her techsuit with her. It was a lethal combination. Her blood surged through her body at the application of it.
“Do you often offer yourself as a reward for evidence?”
“This is my first time. Does it show?”
“Not at all. What makes you think I’d find value in your private servitude, Marshal? Enough value to break the law?”
His hypnotic eyes twinkled, took her over, and lingered a bit too long. “I can set a fire on Pluto. I’ll melt an iceberg like you.”
He did set her to a simmer with his eyes and voice alone. She hadn’t reacted to a man like that in a long time. And she knew better than to let it happen. But Jack was a beguiling kind of fun. She couldn’t resist playing along.
“I don’t think you can…” she teased in a dilatory, cold challenge, brushing his shoulder of lint from his white shirt, “melt an iceberg…like me.”
Jack’s hand rose to her cheek and slipped into her hair. She was stunned to respond, having underestimated his hubris. She’d thought his threat an empty one. The stroke of his thumb against her cheek robbed her of her nerve. The will to protest his intimate contact fled her.
Her thoughts stopped at the silent command of his sky eyes. The masculine smell of him urged her obedience. Her legs felt like noodles.
Before she could step away, he brought her to his mouth and, with a half-second’s pause, Jack kissed her gently. His free hand at her back, he pressed her against his big, warm body, and he deepened the contact into a softly invasive kiss of restraint and quiet passion instead of a harder kiss more physically driven. The unexpected tenderness sent an awakening burn through her, inflicting on her a head-to-toe sizzle, something she’d never before felt. She didn’t want his unwanted kiss to end.
When he released her, she had to remind herself to breathe, to retake possession of her mental faculties. A sweat burst upon her body. If he’d kissed her any longer, she’d have needed to shed her clothes to keep them from catching fire. The places his hot hands had been were now cold without them. Rachel thought her knees would buckle.
Jack was right. He could set a fire on Pluto.


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Thank you, Tonya and friends, for allowing me to share one of my sexy law enforcement agents with you.
Read and live an adventure.
Have a passionate day and a prosperous new year,

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