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Fiery Friday with Michele Graham

Welcome to another Fiery Friday!

Today's guest is author Michele Graham. Michele is a new kid on the block at Siren-Bookstrand with her first book, Landing the Big Ones (Love the title:)) available now. She's going to share a juicy excerpt from Landing the Big Ones with us in just a moment, but first she's answered some interview questions for me I'm dying to share. Make sure you read them all...they get really good near the bottom. <grin>

Welcome, Michele! Tell us, what do you feel is critical to developing a novel that will glue the reader’s ebook device in their hands until the last page?

With erotic romance, it’s essential to have a good plot, well-developed characters, and hot sex, but it has to be written with a strong voice and good understanding of the craft of writing. Combine all of those elements and you have a gripping novel.

Women relate to women and, more often than not, we’re left shaking our heads at men. As a woman, how do you write your male characters in their point of view and make them the hot alpha heroes us romance readers fall in love with?

I’ll confess that I have some trouble with this and it’s an area I’d like to work on. On the other hand, the heroes we fall in love with are the ones who act the way we want them to!  I try to imagine what I’d love about a man, and have him think or react in a way that I’d want him to. I create conflict when they don’t react in the way I’d like.

Why romance? Do you believe it exists in the real world?

I think romance does exist in the real world. It’s not perfect and it takes work, but it’s definitely there. I think as women, reading romances helps us to keep that feeling alive in us. I write romance because it’s my favourite kind of story.

What is your idea of the perfect hero? Heroine?

Well, if the characters were perfect it wouldn’t make for a very long story! I guess I feel it’s important for the characters to grow throughout the story. But I can tell you the kind of hero/heroines I don’t like! Heroes who are too misogynistic or heroines who are too stupid to live really bug me.

If you had access to a time machine, what year would you travel to and why?

Hmmm. Interesting question. I think I’d go forward forty years or so to see what’s happening in my life and my kids’ lives. I always like to know what’s going to happen.

If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be and why?

I think it would be great to get my three favourite authors together: Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, and Laurell K. Hamilton. I’d love to pick their brains about the writing process and go all fan-girl on them.

Hmm, nice choices! Who is you favorite character that you’ve created and why?

I’m going to say Serena from Landing the Big Ones. She’s a lot like me and a lot like the person I wish I was. She’s strong, but vulnerable, and a very caring person.

You wake up one morning and realize you’re suddenly a kid again, but you remember everything about being an adult. What advice would you give yourself?

Focus on what’s important and quit goofing off.

Excellent advice! My younger self could’ve used that one, too. Did you have a predetermined plan when you began your writing career and, if so, has that plan changed since your books have been released?

I had no plan. I’m a pantser and I thought it’d be fun to write a book and see what happened. When I  had it accepted, I was shocked. I’ve had to catch up and figure out what the hell I’m doing! It’s so much more than just writing. Since my first book was released, I’d say that my plan is to keep writing as much as possible, and to keep learning about how to be a better writer.

Aspiring authors are always eager to hear advice. What would you say to them?

Keep writing, take a chance on getting published, keep learning, promote yourself (without being irritating), and write what you love.

Michele giggled her way through these next questions. She thought they were naughty. LOL It’s okay, though, because I was giggling right along with her when she gave me her answers!

What’s your favorite sexual position?

Most of the time I prefer a variation on missionary where my legs are up over his shoulders so he can get some deep penetration happening. Though anything that involves me having sex is good. ;)

Have you ever had to step away from the computer for some much needed air during or after an erotic scene?

Yes. And usually to find the hubby.

What’s inside the drawer of your nightstand? (If you don’t have a nightstand, what would be in your drawer?)

I’m actually working on my laptop in bed, so I looked. There’s a couple hair elastics, a pile of loose change, a chequebook, box of condoms, couple of vibrators, and a Jennifer Denys book.

What’s the sexiest thing you’ve done in the name of research?

I’ve been trying to have more orgasms so I can better describe the feelings.

Does size really matter?

Let’s just say that there’s certain advantages to having larger. ;)

Thanks for the fantastic interview, Michele. Now, for that juicy sneak peak of Landing the Big Ones...

Landing the Big Ones (MFM)

Available now at Siren-BookStrand

When single mom Serena Keegan finally gives in to her son's pleas for a pet, they decide that fish are the perfect option for their apartment lifestyle. They quickly discover that they have a lot to learn about their aquatic friends. Thankfully, Dalton's Aquariums and More! is there to help. The owners, identical twins Lance and Liam Dalton, both find themselves attracted to her. They are eager to provide her with the assistance she needs, for the pets and for more…personal matters.

Serena’s past experience with men has been less than stellar, and she worries she and her son will end up hurt. Despite these fears, she finds herself falling for the sexy store owners, whose talents extend well beyond business. But Liam has a past he hasn't told her about, and when Serena finds out, it threatens their growing love.

Lance was kissing her neck and nipping gently at her earlobes. “Would you let us watch you?” he asked.
Feeling suddenly bold, Serena stood and held out her hands to the two men. They each took one and stood. She kissed first Lance, then Liam again, and led them down the hall to her bedroom. She made sure the door was locked. When she turned back toward them, Lance pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. His hands fumbled at the zipper for her dress, and he managed to get it undone. He pulled it forward, and she slid her arms out then shimmied a bit until it slid over her hips and to the floor. She carefully stepped out of it then moved away from Lance.
“Go sit down,” she said to him.
Liam was already sitting in the chair from the computer desk and Lance took the one that was beside her closet and usually held an article of clothing or a laundry basket. Feeling a bit nervous but determined to go through with this, Serena stood before the two of them. She reached behind her and undid the hooks on her bra. She slid it down her arms, revealing her breasts. Liam and Lance stared. She cupped them in her hands, pulling and pinching her already hard nipples and moaning softly. She could see the men shifting in their chairs, and she realized they were pulling their cocks out of their pants. She smiled and lifted one breast toward her mouth. They were large enough that she was able to lick her own nipples, and she moaned as she did this first to one breast, then the other. She watched with pleasure as the men stroked their cocks.
After playing with her tits a little more, Serena turned around and bent over the bed. She heard one of the twins say, “You have got the sexiest ass.” She smiled to herself and reached between her legs, gently stroking herself through her thong panties, which were completely soaked. Standing again, she hooked her thumbs under the waistband, pulled the panties down, and stepped out of them. Then she knelt on the bed, her ass up in the air in front of them, and crawled toward the head of the bed.
She turned and rested against the pillows. She spread her legs wide as she played with her tits a little more, loving the appreciative groans she got. She couldn’t believe how turned on this was making her. She’d never done anything like this before. She lowered her hand to her wet pussy and began rubbing her clit in slow circles, whimpering softly. Then she moved her fingers lower and slid first one, then another into her cunt. As she moved them in and out, she watched the men’s hands moving swiftly up and down their dicks. She withdrew her hand and rubbed her juices onto one nipple, and the slippery liquid made her fingers feel just like a tongue. Then she lifted her breast again and licked her cum off the rosy peak.
“Fuck,” Liam murmured.
She repeated the action with the other breast, extremely turned on now. Serena lowered both hands between her legs and, as she had the other night, began to finger herself with one hand while the other rubbed her clit furiously. She was moaning a little more loudly now as she raced toward orgasm. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, crying out as the spasms racked her body in wave after wave of pleasure.
When the orgasm receded, she lifted her head to see the men working to quickly undress. She watched appreciatively. Their chests and arms were well muscled and had a light mat of hair. But what really held her attention were their beautiful cocks. It looked as though they were identical there, too. They were long and thick, and she wanted them inside of her.
Liam finished first and jumped onto the bed. Serena laughed as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, his tongue tasting her juices inside her mouth. He moved his lips to her ear and groaned, “I have never seen anything so incredibly sexy.”
The bed dipped as Lance joined them on the other side of Serena. His mouth came down on hers and she kissed him eagerly. Hands roamed over her body, squeezing and kneading her tits, stroking her slick pussy. Lance lowered his head to her breast and sucked the nipple into his mouth firmly. He licked it with light strokes and used his teeth to gently nip her. Serena cried out again. It was a new sensation but she enjoyed it. She felt Lance move between her legs, his dick poised at the entrance to her cunt, when a reality managed to reach into her lust-fogged brain.
“Condoms,” she gasped. “Do you have condoms? I’m not on anything.”
Lance moved back slightly and gave a frustrated growl. “Shit!” he exclaimed. “I didn’t honestly think things would go this far. Liam?”
“I don’t have any,” he said.
“Fuck!” Serena exclaimed. “I want you so bad, but I’m not going to risk another pregnancy.”
“I’m sure we can find ways to have fun,” Lance said, lying down on the bed between her legs. “Can I lick your pussy?”
“Don’t bother asking, just do it, dammit!” she snapped at him. She reached down and grabbed his hair, lifting her hips to shove her pussy in his face. He thrust his tongue between her lips and darted it in and out of her cunt, doing with it what he couldn’t with his cock. Serena moaned loudly and ground herself against his mouth. He moved his tongue up her slit until he found her engorged clit and he began to lick it furiously.

Thanks, Michele! Readers, watch for more books from Michele and keep up with her latest news by visiting her website!

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