Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Special Service Sunday

Welcome to a special edition I'm going to call Service Sunday. My guest today is Bella Juarez, author of the Black Ops Brotherhood series available at Siren-BookStrand. Bella, I'll let you take it from here!

Hello and it’s nice to meet you.  I’m Bella Juarez, author of the BlackOps Brotherhood Series. As you some of you may know I have problems with my blog post making it through at times, so here’s crossing my fingers. Here I am to announce my new release Dominant Deception, book three of the BlackOps Brotherhood series. This new installment of my series is due for release January 30 at BookStrand

What is the BlackOps Brotherhood series?  These stories are about the lives of military special operations men that work in the shadows and the women who get pulled into their covert world.  Their lives are exciting dealing with the every tumultuous world of terrorism that’s headline news.   These men and women lead full and sensual love lives.  The play just as hard as they work.

Interesting tidbit about the titles in the series, each one of my books is named after a military strategy or set of terms. Rapid Dominance, the first book of the series is the official term for shock and awe.  An that’s what happens in the book, Major Reese Thompson goes through shock and awe in his personal life as well as his Marine Corps career.

Rapid Dominance (MF)     Hostile Home Front (MF)
Hostile Home Front, the second book, deals with a very Hostile Home Front  in small town Victoria, Texas where the Mexican Mafia, a terrorist network and other villains try to take over and use the town as a terrorist sleeper cell.

Dominant Deception, book three is a bit of a play on words. In this book, two lead characters that had supporting roles in the prior two books take center stage. This novel puts you right in the middle of cyberwarfare and how special operations tries to shut it down.   There are lots of twists and turns throughout the book as Jack and Anna fight their way through impossible odds to find a happily ever after.  It’s my sincerest wish that you give the BlackOps Brotherhood a try.

Dominant Deception (MF)

As insiders to Tonya’s blog, here’s secret.  Book four, Tactical Error is due out March 2013.  Book Four of the BlackOps Brotherhood features a silver fox and a very sophisticated lady.  Master Chief  meets a lonely widowed who he’s irresistibly drawn to and can’t seem to live without.  They both burn up the dance floor and sheets while he draws her into an adventure of a lifetime.   Right before ending a thirty-two year naval career, Master Chief discovers a plot that could bring the United States military to its knees.

Place you can find me? 
Everywhere!  My website is full of information about the series, works in progress and all of my book excerpts.  There is also the BlackOps Backbrief which has a bunch of insider information added to all the time.  I also have a blog in which I poke fun at my BlackOps Brothers called Rough and Ready at

Of course you can find me on Facebook at  I also have a Facebook Fan Page:  and of course Twitter:

What about the books?

Thanks again Tonya for having me as a guest.  And thank you, readers for visiting the blog.

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