Friday, February 8, 2013

Fiery Friday with Liz Borino

Hi, Liz and welcome to Fiery Friday!

Hey! Thank you so much for having me!

We’ll start by letting the readers get to know you. So tell us about yourself.

My name is Liz Borino and I write erotic male/male romance. I believe that’s the most important thing about me and is jumping board for everything else. I’m an advocate for equal rights for women, the LGBT community, and any minority group who’s discriminated against, which is all of them. As an English graduate student, I’m preparing for a Plan B I hope to never need.

Now for the questions:
What do you feel is critical to developing a novel that will glue the reader’s ebook device in their hands until the last page?

Emotion. Readers don’t read with their eyes or their minds, they read with their hearts and souls. So, if you can’t engage those aspects of your reader than you won’t be successful.

Women relate to women and, more often than not, we’re left shaking our heads at men. As a woman, how do you write your male characters in their point of view and make them the hot alpha heroes us romance readers fall in love with?

I had to chuckle when I read this question. I relate much better to men than women. In general, men are less complicated. When I wrote M/F I struggled most with the female characters.

Why romance?

Because within the pages of books is the only place to find the perfect imperfection that most of us dream of.

Do you believe it exists in the real world?

I have to believe love exists, but romance, soul mates… I have my doubts.

What is your idea of the perfect hero?

Someone strong enough to be vulnerable.

If you had access to a time machine, what year would you travel to and why?

The Victorian Era, I like causing trouble.

Who is you favorite character that you’ve created and why?

Zack Greene because he’s hysterical. I am not funny, but after getting to know Zack you might think otherwise.

You wake up one morning and realize you’re suddenly a kid again, but you remember everything about being an adult. What advice would you give yourself?

Find a way to reverse this! I know, how’s that for unexpected? I didn’t enjoy childhood. Wouldn’t want to do it again.

Did you have a predetermined plan when you began your writing career and, if so, has that plan changed since your books have been released?

Yes, my original plan was to get rich off of my first book and live forever off the royalties. Then reality stepped in. You know what, though? I’m so glad it did. I’ve grown more as a writer and a human being in the last two years than in any other timeframe in my life. If I had stopped publishing after my first book, I never would have met Zack and Steve, or touched people with their story. I can’t wait to see what other characters I get to meet.

Aspiring authors are always eager to hear advice. What would you say to them?

If you can quit, do it. Otherwise, be prepared to have your heartbroken. And understand it’ll be worth it.

What’s your favorite sexual position?

Girl on top.

Have you ever had to step away from the computer for some much needed air during or after an erotic scene?

Yes, the first switch scene in That’s a Wrap. Zack was always hot as a submissive, but good god he’s sexy as a Dom.

Does size really matter?

Yes, sorry guys.

Where do you think is the most romantic place on Earth?


If you could choose any man to sit with by a warm fire on a cold winter night, who would it be and why?

I’ll get back to you when I meet him.


Mine Series Vol. 1 Blurb

From the moment Steve Michaels met actor Zack Greene in the men’s room of a press conference, the director knew his snarkiness mixed with angelic features, excited him. What he wasn’t prepared for was the vulnerability underneath the hardened exterior. And he really wasn’t prepared to fall in love.
But they did.
Zack needed some positive press and a second chance after getting out of rehab. He found the director of Ben’s Life, the series he planned to audition for. Steve helped him within a loving structured relationship.
Follow Zack and Steve as they face the challenges of work, family, injuries, and pasts together as they redefine family.

Warning: Contains spanking, Light BDSM, Dom/sub relationship, and two men who can’t get enough of each other

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