Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Double Service Day

I'm excited to reveal the new cover for the next installment of The Heroes of Silver Springs! Book 9, Going Under, will be available on Christmas Eve! Watch this blog for the blurb and excerpt coming in a few days.

Also, I get a lot of reader e-mails wondering when a specific book will hit Amazon. The Siren-BookStrand general rule is 4-6 weeks after the release. That time frame is up now for Hands on Justice [The Service Club 4]. You can pick it up at Amazon and I would greatly appreciate if you would click the "like" button while you're there. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Heroes are having a Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is upon us. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I just came across a review for Sexual Games [The Heroes of Silver Springs 8] that made my turkey day even yummier. Check it out:

5 Stars: "The Heroes of Silver Springs is such an amazing series, and Sexual Games is definitely a fantastic addition.  While the characters often span throughout the series, there is enough back-story and history to make it a stand alone read.  The chemistry between Mallory and Jackson is top notch, but surprisingly, I found myself even more drawn to the secondary story in Sexual Games, the burgeoning love triangle between firefighter engineer Thaddeus, FBI agent Cameron and DEA agent Adrien. Thaddeus finally meets Cameron, the man who has made his sometimes lover Adrien back off from a commitment to him, and the two find they have much in common, including a mutual attraction.  I sure hope Ms. Ramagos gives me their story soon!  Those two hot as sin story lines, combined with impeccable writing of danger and intrigue, make Sexual Games an off the charts sexy read!  Between the sex scene in the kitchen and Mallory and Jackson’s scorching reactions to each other, this is one book that has the potential to burn up your ereader fast! Sexual Games is another great addition to the Heroes of Silver Springs series, Ms. Ramagos!" -- Sillia Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Sexual Games is available at
And watch for Going Under [The Heroes of Silver Springs 9] coming Christmas Eve!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wondering Wednesday

I'm not supposed to start the blog schedule in the right sidebar until January, but I rarely follow rules very well even when they're my own. LOL

Here's what I'm wondering today. Every year it seems like holiday preparations are starting earlier and earlier. Halloween wasn't even over this year when Christmas items started appearing on department store shelves! How many more years do we have before we're simply preparing for the holidays all year round?

I don't know about everyone else, but it kind of takes some of the excitement out of the holiday for me when I start seeing things way too soon. Have Halloween. Don't put out anything pertaining to Thanksgiving until November 1st. Have Thanksgiving. THEN start the Christmas fun. It doesn't sound all that difficult to me. Instead, we have the infamous Black Friday starting earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving Day. Aren't people supposed to be spending time with their families instead of rushing to the nearest store to snag the best deal before it's sold out? And my heart goes out to those people who work those department stores. My oldest son is one of them. He has to be at work at Walmart at 2 pm until midnight on Thanksgiving Day to get the store ready for the Black Friday deals starting at 8 pm. Since the Ramagos/Burchard tradition is to eat Thanksgiving DINNER instead of lunch, he's going to miss the family get-together.

How do you feel about the commercialism that seems to have taken over the holidays? Okay, that's two wonderings in today's post. And, yes, I know wonderings isn't a word, thank you spell checker. This is my blog. I don't need an editor here. LOL

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Welcome to my new blog! I've got lots of plans for 2013 and I hope you will join me often. A blog schedule has been listed on the right sidebar so you'll know what to expect from day to day. Then again, I tend to be a spontaneous person now and then, so who knows what will happen. LOL

Until the schedule kicks off, there will be various things happening here...some blog hopping, surprise excerpts, and a special FREE short story read from The Heroes of Silver Springs that will be posted on New Years Eve. So check back often, post comments, and have a fantabulous holiday season!